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drug delivery


Delivery Systems

White Powder

Drug Delivery Systems

Meros has created two systems for delivery of small molecule drugs in either micellar (ExCell™) or gel (PolyGel™) form.  The polymers used in ExCell and PolyGel are biocompatible and biodegradable.

Image by Kai Dahms


CARGO™ is an RNAi (e.g. siRNA, miRNA) delivery system developed for the emerging area of genetic therapies. CARGO has been specifically designed for use in vivo and has been demonstrated to deliver RNAI selectively to cancer cells in living animals.

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Research Grade Polymers for Purchase and/or Custom Formulation. Meros can provide you with research grade polymers for in-house testing.


We have an extensive catalog of ExCell variations available for purchase and we can create custom polymers for your compounds.


We can provide expertise in custom formulation to engineer the optimal delivery vehicle for your compound or biological active. We can also encapsulate and test your active at our facility.


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