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Featured Publications

Sadat S, Vakili MR, Paiva IM, Weinfeld M, Lavasanifar A, Development of self-associating SN-38-conjugated  poly(ethylene oxide)-poly(ester) micelles for colorectal cancer, Pharmaceutics, In Press.

Paiva I, Mattingly S, Wuest M, Leier S, Vakili MR, Weinfeld M, Lavasanifar A, Wuest F (2020) Synthesis and Analysis of 64Cu-Labeled GE11-Modified Polymeric Micellar

Al-Lawati, Hanan; Vakili, Mohammad; Lavasanifar, Afsaneh; Ahmed, Surur; Jamali, Fakhreddin (2020) “Reduced heart exposure of diclofenac by its polymeric micellar formulation, normalizes CYP- mediated metabolism of arachidonic acid imbalance in adjuvant arthritis rat model: Implications in reduced cardiovascular side effects of diclofenac by nano-drug delivery” Molecular Pharmaceutics, 17 (4), 1377-1386Nanoparticles for EGFR-Targeted Molecular Imaging in a Colorectal Cancer Model, Molecular Pharmaceutics, 17(5) 1470-1481.

Saqr A, Vakili MR*, Huang YH, Lai R, Lavasanifar A* (2019) Development of Traceable Retuximab-Modified PEO-Polyester Micelles by post insertion of PEG-phospholipids for targeting of B-cell Lymphoma, ACS Omega, 4(20):18867-18879. 

Al-Lawati H, Vakili MR, Lavasanifar A, Ahmed S, Jamali F. (2019) Delivery and biodistribution of traceable polymeric micellar diclofenac in the rat., Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 108(8):2698-2707.

Huang YH, Vakili MR, Molavi O, Morrissey Y, Wu C, Paiva I, Soleimani AH, Sanaee F, Lavasanifar A, Lai R, (2019) Decoration of Anti-CD38 on Nanoparticles Carrying a STAT3 Inhibitor Can Improve the Therapeutic Efficacy Against Myeloma. Cancers, 11(2) 248.

Soleymani Abyaneh H, Soleimani AH, Vakili MR, Soudy R, Kaur K, Cuda F, Tavassoli A, Lavasanifar A, (2019) Modulation of Hypoxia-Induced Chemoresistance to Polymeric Micellar Cisplatin: The Effect of Ligand Modification of Micellar Carrier Versus Inhibition of the Mediators of Drug Resistance. Pharmaceutics, 10 (4).

Shire Z, Vakili MR, Morgan T, Hall D, Lavasanifar A, and Weinfeld M, (2018) Nanoencapsulation of novel inhibitors of polynucleotide kinase/phosphatase (PNKP) for selective induction of synthetic lethality or sensitization of colorectal cancer cells to ionizing radiation and irinotecan, Molecular Pharmaceutics, 15(6):2316-2326.

Garg SM, Paiva IM, Vakili MR, Soudy R, Agopsowicz K, Soleimani AH, Hitt M, Kaur K, Lavasanifar A, (2017) Traceable PEO-poly(ester) micelles for breast cancer targeting: The effect of core structure and targeting peptide on micellar tumor accumulation, Biomaterials, 144: 17-29.

Soleimani, AH, Garg SM, Paiva IM, Vakili MR, Alshareef A, Huang YH, Molavi O, Lai R, Lavasanifar A* (2017) “Micellar Nano-carriers for the Delivery of STAT3 Dimerization Inhibitors to Melanoma” Drug Delivery and Translational Research, 7(4) 1-11.

Garg SM, Vakili MR, Molavi O, Lavasanifar A.* (2017) “Self-associating Poly(ethylene oxide)-block-poly(ε-caprolactone) (PEO-b-PCL) Drug Conjugates for the Delivery of STAT3 Inhibitor JSI-124: Potential Application in Cancer Immunotherapy.” Molecular Pharmaceutics, 14 (8), 2570–2584.

Zhang Q, Vakili MR, Li XF, Lavasanifar A*, Le, X.C* (2016) “Terpolymer micelles for the delivery of arsenic to breast cancer cells: The effect of chain arrangement on polymeric micellar characteristics and cancer cell uptake” Molecular Pharmaceutics, 13(12):4021-4033.

Al Lawati H, Vakili MR, Jamali F, Lavasanifar A* (2016) Polymeric micelles for the delivery of diclofenac and its ethyl ester derivative, Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology, 4: 109-119.

Nair PR, Spinler KR, Vakili MR, Lavasanifar A, Discher DE*, (2016) “Filomicelles from aromatic di -block copolymers increase tumor cell death and aneuploidy compared to aliphatic copolymers” Nanomedicine, 11(12):1551-69.

Nair PR, Spinler KR, Vakili MR, Lavasanifar A, Discher DE*, (2016) “Filomicelles from aromatic di -block copolymers increase tumor cell death and aneuploidy compared to aliphatic copolymers” Nanomedicine, 11(12):1551-69.

Solymani H, Vakili MR, Zhan F., Choi, P., Lavasanifar A*. (2015) “Rationale Design of Block Copolymer Micelles to Control Burst Drug Release at a Nanoscale Dimension” Acta Biomaterilia, 24: 127-39.

Garg SM. Vakili MR, Lavasanifar A*, (2015) “Polymeric Micelles based on Poly(ethylene oxide) and a-Carbon Substituted Poly(e-caprolactone): An In Vitro Study on the Effect of LAVASANIFAR, AFSANEH Nov 2013 15 Core Forming Block on Polymeric Micellar Stability, Biocompatibility, and Immunogenicity” Colloids and Surfaces B, 13: 161-70.

Garg S, Xiong XB, Lu C, Lavasanifar A (2011) “Application of click chemistry for the Preparation of Core Crosslinked Polymeric Micelles Based on Poly(ethylene oxide)-poly(εcaprolactone)” Macromolecules, 44(7)2058-6

Zhang Q, Vakili MR , Li XF, Lavasanifar A*, Le XC (2014) “Polymeric Micelles for GSH Triggered Delivery of Arsenic Trioxide Derivatives to Cancer Cells” Biomaterials, 35(25)7088-100.

Falamarzian A, Lavasanifar A* (2010) “Optimization of the hydrophobic domain in poly(ethylene oxide)-poly(caprolactone) based nano-carriers for the solubilization and delivery of Amphotericin B” Colloids & Surfaces B:Biointerfaces, 81(1)313-20.

Falamarzian A, Lavasanifar A* (2010) “Chemical modification of hydrophobic block in poly(ethylene oxide) poly(caprolactone) based nano-carriers: Effect on the solubilization and hemolytic activity of Amphotericin B" Macromolecular Bioscience, 10(6)648-56.

Shahin M, Lavasanifar A* (2010) “Novel self-associating poly(ethylene oxide)-b-poly(εcaprolactone) based drug conjugates and nano-containers for paclitaxel delivery” International Journal of Pharmaceutics. 389(1-2):213-222. 

Xiong XB, Ma Z, Lai R, Lavasanifar A* (2010) “The Therapeutic Response to Multifunctional Polymeric Nano-Conjugates in the Targeted Cellular and Subcellular Delivery of Doxorubicin” Biomaterials, 31(4):757-68.

Mahmud A, Patal SK, Molavi O, Choi P, Samuel J, Lavasanifar A* (2009) “Self associating poly(ethylene oxide)-b-poly(ε-caprolactone) block copolymers with pendent cholesterol groups for the solubilization and delivery of STAT-3 inhibitor Cucurbitacin I” Biomacromolecules, 10 (3), 471–478. 

Mahmud A, Xiong XB, Lavasanifar A* (2008) “Development of novel polymeric micellar drug conjugates with hydrolysable core structure for doxorubicin delivery” European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics, 69:923-34.

Mahmud A, Xiong XB, Lavasanifar A* (2006) “Novel poly(ethylene oxide)-block-poly(ecaprolactone) block copolymers with functional side groups on the polyester block for drug delivery” Macromolecules,39(26) 9419-9428.




Alshamsan A, Abul Kalam M, Reza Vakili M, Binkhathlan Z, Raish M, Ali R, Al-Turki TA, Safaei Nikouei N, Lavasanifar A (2019). Treatment of Endotoxin-Induced Uveitis by Topical Application of Cyclosporine A-Loaded PolyGelTM in Rabbit Eyes. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 569, 118573.

Makhmalzadeh BS, Molavi O, Vakili MR, Zhang HF, Solimani A, Soleymani Abyaneh H, Loebenberg R, Lai R, Lavasanifar A (2018) Functionalized caprolactone-polyethylene glycol based thermo-responsive hydrogel of silibinin for the treatment of malignant melanoma, Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 21 (1), 143-159.

Nikouei NS, Ghasemi N, and Lavasanifar A* (2016) “Temperature/pH responsive hydrogels based on poly(ethylene glycol) and functionalized poly(e-caprolactone) block copolymers for controlled delivery of macromolecules” Pharmaceutical Research, 33(2):358- 66.

Nikouei NS, Vakili MR, Bahniuk MS, Unsworth L. Akbari A. Wu J, Lavasanifar A.(2015) Thermoreversible hydrogels based on triblock copolymers of polyethylene glycol) and carboxyl functionalized poly(e-caprolactone) The effect of carboxyl group substitution on the transition temperature and biocompatibility in plasma. Acta Biomater. 12:81-92.

Safaei Nikouei N. Lavasanifar A. (2011) Characterization of the thermo- and pH-responsive assembly of triblock copolymers based on poly(ethylene glycol) and functionalized poly(e-caprolactone). Acta Biomater. 7(10):3708-18.


Garg SM, Falamarzian A, Vakili MR, Aliabadi HM, Uludağ H and Lavasanifar A* (2016) Polymeric Micelles for MCL-1 Gene Silencing in Breast Tumors following Systemic Administration, Nanomedicine,11(17)2319-2339.

Xiong XB, Lavasanifar A. (2011) Traceable multifunctional micellar nanocarriers for cancer-targeted co-delivery of MDR-1 siRNA and doxorubicin. ACS Nano. 28;5(6):5202-13.

Xiong XB, Uludağ H, Lavasanifar A. (2010) Virus-mimetic polymeric micelles for targeted siRNA delivery. Biomaterials. 2010 Aug;31(22):5886-93. doi: 10.1016/j.biomaterials. 2010.03.075. Epub 2010 Apr 27

Xiong XB, Uludag H, Lavasanifar A* (2009) “Biodegradable amphiphilic poly(ethylene oxide)-block-polyesters with grafted polyamines as supramolecular nanocarrier for efficient siRNA delivery” Biomaterials, 30(2):242-53.


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