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Our Technology 

Our micelles are less than 100 nanometers in size.

Meros' technology provides enhanced solubility, stability and sustained release of active pharmaceutical ingredients in parenteral formulations for multiple routes of drug administration.

The polymers are made from poly-ethylene glycol and functionalized polycaprolactone; both of these components, along with our di- and tri-block copolymer formulations, are biocompatible and biodegradable.  Our polymers have demonstrated an excellent safety profile in pre-clinical models.

Meros polymers provide versatility in engineering micelle size, stability, drug loading and drug release characteristics. The innovative addition of pendant groups on the caprolactone block transforms our polymers into highly customizable loading vehicles which can encapsulate a broad range of therapeutics by physical or chemical means. Our technology combines the inherent biocompatibility of a caprolactone block, with superior kinetic stability  as well as the engineering possibilities traditionally only found in hydrophobic blocks composed of amino acids.

Hydrophobic block

Upon introduction of water during formulation, our diblock copolymers self-assemble into drug-loaded micelles (ExCell™ injectable formulation), which can be further processed by lyophilisation or spray-drying. The polymers can be formulated using conventional methods and facilities. The micelles are small (<100 nm) particles with a hydrophilic exterior and a hydrophobic core (drug reservoir) that are formed from block co-polymers of polyethylene glycol and derivatized polycaprolactone.

Micelles Drug

At higher concentrations, Meros  di- and especially tri-block copolymers form transparent thermo-responsive gels  (PolyGel™) through association of polymeric micelles.

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